The Team

Curator: Cat Rossi

Installation Design: Ben Kelly Design (Ben Kelly, Patrick McKinney, Grace Patton)

Design Development, Fabrication and Installation:  Jack Neville

Film: Gilly Booth (Director), 
Catharine Rossi (Researcher/Writer), Paul Plowman (Graphics),
Mike Silver (Soundtrack), 
Dominic Robson (Harmonic Kinetic) (AV Consultancy), hijack (Production). 

Research assistant: Fiona Fisher

We couldn’t have done this without

Carlo Caldini and the Caldini family

Alastair Donald (British Council)

The Fiumi family and Granny Cart Productions (Elettra Fiumi and Lea Khayata) for the footage of Space Electronic in the 1970s.

Space Electronic, Florence, for giving us permission to film in the club and use the footage for our film

Kingston University, in particular: Ted Donchev, Costas Georgopoulos and Diana Petkov in the School of Civil Engineering and Construction; David Falkner and the Stanley Picker Gallery; Rebecca Davies and Emily Greenaway; the Modern Interiors Research Centre; the Visual and Material Culture Research Centre, Professor Charles Rice; Professor Steven Spier; Richard Trupp and the 3D workshops.

Kerry Ryan and Neon Specialists for the wonderful neon signs

Mark Williams-Jones, architect at Robin Partington & Partners for his instrumental role in making the project happen.

The project was only possible with the financial support of


Association for the Study of Modern Italy

KU logo black JPEG


Kingston University, including the Modern Interiors Research Centre and Visual and Material Culture Research Centre.





Space Electronic, Florence


For all project inquiries please contact Cat Rossi:



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